We welcome submissions from both new and previously published authors of crime fiction and true crime books.

There are various stages at which you can approach us with your book or your idea.

  • If you have an idea for your book, please send brief details.
  • If you have made progress with or finished your book, then please send the contents and first three chapters as detailed below.
  • You are an established author and you want to work with a publisher who values your worth, and commitment, plus you’re looking for a great deal with people who will treat you fairly.

Manuscript Guidelines In the first instance, please send the following:

  • – A synopsis and first 3 chapters
  • – Estimated Word count (of complete manuscript)
  • – Genre and target audience
  • – Your name and contact details
  • – Any relevant information about the author should also be included such as if you’ve been published before (inc self-published).
  • – Please send all material for review as a single Word document or PDF file format

ELECTRONIC VERSIONS ONLY Electronic versions of your manuscript should be in one file and not separate files for each chapter or section. Use Microsoft Word format and 12pt Times New Roman font, double line spaced.

Submit Online You can send your work directly to our Editorial team. This is our preferred method and will ensure the quickest response. Email your submission to [email protected]