Debut Author Catherine Haworth Signs 2 Book Deal with CPN

Crime Publishing Network are delighted to announce they will publish Catherine Haworth’s debut novel ‘Instincts’ and have secured the rights to a second untitled book in the deal.

Catherine Yaffe said: “I read this book and knew instantly that Catherine had something unique in her writing style. I was thoroughly drawn into the plot and felt a building sense of excitement. Instincts is driven by a compelling narrative that delves into deep emotions whilst taking the reader on a tremendous journey. I simply cannot wait to publish this thrilling debut.”

As Catherine Haworth explains: “My protagonist is a twenty-something year old Psychology graduate, Fae, who experienced a sort of fame after saving her friend from being murdered with supposed psychic abilities. Fae is asked to join a new team in the Metropolitan Police set up to deal with a collection of murders occurring all across England. Fae believes that she has been hired due to her ‘gift’, but she is actually hired at the killer’s request!”

Haworth, who is also an Intellectual Property solicitor, said: “I am delighted to be working with Crime Publishing Network on my debut novel. They have really understood my vision and I am looking forward to working in our new partnership together.

I like to deal with important issues in my writing, and Instincts is no exception as I provide a comment on the treatment of sexual assault victims in the UK justice system. This, along with the main characters being mostly women, I believe my novel is something potentially more unique in the crime market and a good way to boost female readership of crime fiction.

I have always wanted to write, and the completion of my legal studies and working towards becoming a solicitor has allowed me to hone in on writing within the crime genre. I now host a weekly (online) writing group which has really helped motivate me to finish my story.”

Instincts will be released early Summer 2021, with the second novel to follow later.

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