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Our goal at Crime Publishing Network is simple.
We want to break down the barriers that currently exist between an author and the ability to get their work out into the world.
To do this, we believe that honesty, transparency and a simple process are key to achieving not just our goal, but yours too.

We have a very clear vision of the books we would like to work with, and as our name suggests, they are Crime fiction and True Crime cases.

As a crime fiction writer myself, and with Adam publishing his first true crime book in June 2021, we both found the barriers to getting published incredibly frustrating; time-consuming, lack of contact, too much control, little ROI and limited exposure. So we created CPN to make it easier for the author to see their work in print and available online in eBook format.

We are not vanity publishers. We will not ask you to pay any upfront costs, or any costs at all for that matter. We may suggest you seek an editor or a professional cover designer for example but we have a network of contacts that we can put you in touch with directly.

The more complete your manuscript is when you approach us, the better an idea we will have of how we can move forward. Having said that, if you’re still at the idea stage or maybe you’ve drafted the first 2 / 3 chapters, get in touch and share it with us.

Whilst we may only be a small publisher, we have very big, ambitious plans and we would love for you to join our portfolio.

Ready to submit? Simple follow the submission guidelines and email your work to [email protected]

Crime Publishing Network. 

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